Mindful crafters of worlds

Words form worlds,Have powerTo shape the contours Of a hidden landscape,Our deepest selves,Moulding the malleable clayOf young hearts. Cruel tongues poisonTo savage effect, Crush and contort Rightful flourishing,Wound, warp and limit imagination.Diminish. Generous voices nourishEmbolden, humanise,Liberate, pause to listen,Lift head and heart,Encourage seeing,  Being.Expand. May we be mindful crafters of words,Judicious creators,Joyful truth tellers, Delighted by love,The ground of being.Let …

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Sight changes. At different times of the day, what we see shifts. Because light plays differently. And if we look from a different angle. Or even just move slightly to the side. What we notice changes what we think we see. If you are stuck looking straight on, step to the side. Or ask someone …

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in formation

In formation

This year it’s been Spring in slow motion. Each day offers a fresh unfurling. A new emergence catches my eye. And this morning brought a visible reminder of this. On the skyline at the edge of the valley there are small clusters of trees. In full leaf, it’s hard to distinguish between them at this …

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