Can we have a conversation without a question?

What an interesting thought.

Perhaps we have to start by asking what constitutes a conversation.

Is a simple exchange of information enough?

I suspect that information by itself isn’t sufficient. It needs to address a felt need, not just of the giver. And at some level, it needs to be reciprocal.

Without this, it is just data, a monologue. Take it or leave it.

Therefore, for genuine exchange, we have to start with some form of lack. Something that is missing, even if it is not expressed verbally.

I believe we need to recover the art of conversation, not as a quaint throwback to a bygone era, but as the very foundation of restoring the fracture lines within our world.

Let’s start with asking generous questions and offering courageous answers.

Because we can only ask the questions that matter if we are present enough to notice what is going on within us and with others.

To be here, in this place at this time, not elsewhere.