Breathing in at the edge

I had to…

Walking straight up the hillside after feeding the boys, I was out of breath when I reached the top.

Yet this first clear day of the New Year called for exertion.

I needed to fill my lungs with fresh air and have a clear, panoramic view from the top of the valley to renew my perspective.

There is something vital – in the life-giving sense – of being at the edge.


At the quiet edge,
away from the noise,
what do we see?
And in the silence
where stillness reigns,
what do we hear?
What shapes our attention
when boundaries fade
and we feel our way forward?

These days ask a
different posture of us:
to find the quiet edge
in order to hear, 
and lean into the unknowing,
in order to see.
For this is the brave space
where we hear the whisper
of who we’re called to be.

+ Sue Heatherington

Do you have an edge space?

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿