hope v wishful thinking

Hope v. wishful thinking

Hope and wishful thinking. We tend to think they are the same thing, just in varying degrees. Actually, they are quite different and if we confuse them eventually we’ll just get stuck. Wishful thinking is ‘out there’ somewhere. It feels nice (also read stirring, heroic or awesome) to contemplate things we wish were different. But …

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who am i

Who are you?

We wear clothes that tell the story about what we do. Where we fit. And often how others expect us to be. I wore a suit on occasions. The right occasions. But I always added something unexpected, culturally slightly different. Like a distinctive scarf or top which didn’t have a collar – to soften the …

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Drawing a line

On 1st December 1955, Rosa Parks drew a line. Although she had been heading toward this line for some time, she didn’t set out to provoke action. It was just that on this day, enough was enough. Her refusal to give up her seat in the coloured section of the bus for a white passenger …

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