What are you listening out for?

View across the lake with swan gliding in front of the grass finger with heron, ducks and goose on her nest

I was out of sight, walking down towards the lake, and the heron took flight. Not far, but far enough away from me. I didn’t even know they were there. But herons are super-attentive to the delicate balance of the soundscape. Now, as I become more familiar with the diverse inhabitants of this little valley, … Read more

Is hope seeing without sight?

Close up of the underside of a fern frond on the muddy path

Walking up to feed the boys yesterday, I experienced hope. Firstly, that the boys would be there… The tree foliage is now so dense that swathes of the hillside are obscured from the farmhouse. But they haven’t turned up for food since Saturday, so I expect they are hungry. The second was noticing a discarded … Read more

Life with raindrops and birdsong

Raindrops on fresh birch leaves

Immersed in the chaotic joy of May rain showers, better suited to ducks. RAINDROPS AND BIRDSONG Let’s not expectlife to be aperfect recipe,with ingredientscarefully measured.  Instead,let’s delight inunexpected rain,and birdssinging theirhearts out. + Sue Heatherington And getting drenched feeding the alpacas. A typical British Bank Holiday… Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

A love of life without Plan B

leaf buds on a corkscrew hazel

We are so used to being in control. Of being able to plan and make provision for every eventuality. But what if we focused on loving life rather than using our time as a test run? Because I am not sure we have fully grasped that there is only now… “I don’t want to end … Read more

Wild hope in the Welsh mist…

Squat unopened bluebells draped in beads of Welsh mist

I’ve just walked a frisky lamb back and forth along the top fence line. Bleating furiously and not letting me pick them up to return to their field. Yet, walking back down the diagonal path to return to the lakeside, I see the ewe—on our side. And the exchange starts. It’s her lamb, and while … Read more

What matters to you now?

New family of tiny goslings

April wasn’t the month many of us expected it to be. And yes, the end of March feels far, far away. So what matters now? It’s easy to assume the old narrative, the story inside our heads as the answer. Yet I suspect that if we paused and considered it, what truly matters now might … Read more

A moment of beauty – seen alongside

Close up of flowering aubrieta growing wild on the terrace

There are things that we can only see from our knees… A MOMENT OF BEAUTY A wild escape, flourishingin paving cracks andnestling against warm walls,while the great expanse oftime and space touchespurple petals with late afternoon sunlight  and smiles at the flowering cabbage. + Sue Heatherington … mirroring its humble pose. Pause. See differently. Re-story … Read more

Returning to what matters

View across the lake to the emerging reed island and the afternoon sunlight coming through the trees

Over the weekend, I was drawn back to John O’Donohue’s poetry. He speaks of things that matter. Things below the shiny surfaces that attract our attention. And his words connect profoundly to my soul. They remind me of what is important and frame that seeing in a way that allows me to take action, not … Read more