Seeds of change

seeds of change

We tend to talk about planting seeds of change, like we’re sowing into the ground. Choosing places where we want to see change and dropping thoughts and ideas into the conversation. And hoping that something will happen, some fruit will emerge. Watching what’s growing elsewhere at the moment, I am aware that the seeds we … Read more

If only you could see what I can see…

if only you could see what I can see

I feel so privileged to see all that I can see. And to know all the people I know who have made such a profound difference where they are. Often uncelebrated. Across the globe, there are astonishing people doing astonishing things, quietly without making a fuss. Sharing their hopes and dreams in the day-to-day things they … Read more

So just how far have we come?

so how far have we come

Every day we’re in the messy in-between. We started out using a compass to walk forward. And we are still going – sometimes faster than others – putting one foot in front of the other. In our human-ness, we tend to have an asymmetric sense of time. We are particularly aware of our recent past. … Read more

Creating a fresh wave of change

creating a fresh wave of change

What if we created a fresh wave of change? That wasn’t reactive, short-sighted or relied on having ‘power-over’ others. What if we were to build momentum toward a different kind of transformation in our work or lives? What would it look like? What would it feel like? And what would it sound like? What if … Read more

Disruption doesn’t require noise

disruption doesnt require noise

Real change isn’t achieved by the volume of the argument. People just give up, they are flattened. Inside, nothing really changes. They just become passive, a little bit of them dies. But a poem or song can speak deeper than thousands of angry words. They have the power of transformation. And helps us see things … Read more

What if?

what if

There are ordinary questions. And there are extraordinary questions… What if…? is squarely in the extraordinary camp. It shifts our focus from the concrete here and now to the infinite. Changing the lens from what can…? to what if…? opens a door of hope and wonder. Even for relatively mundane issues, the gear change in … Read more

What’s in a name?

whats in a name

What we call ourselves is rather important… It is more than just how we sign off an email. What we say when we answer a call, meet someone new or write a card. It’s how we remind ourselves who we are, our value and meaning. The permissions and affirmation that echo around our mind and … Read more

Nurturing seeds of hope

nurturing seeds of hope

We act because we want to make things happen. Good change. We speak because we want to make a difference. To look at the familiar from a different angle. We hope because we believe that our being has meaning. Let’s take care of our hope seeds – they produce fruit. And water those in others. … Read more

This too shall pass…

this too shall pass

The storms in our mind are often much more ferocious than the weather outside. They can feel overwhelming and stop us in our tracks. But if we stick it out, the jumble of stuff in our heads can sometimes become the bright new insight or idea. After all if it were simple, it probably would … Read more

Pick a lane

pick your lane

We have to pick a lane. Of the choices before us, we do need to pick which one we are going to pursue. We can’t choose them all. Or keep switching lanes. And if we want to make a difference, then avoiding picking a lane is not an option. There is no ‘right’ choice. But … Read more