harvesting the best

Harvesting the best

If you want the best wine you have to be intentional about your vines and your terroir. You have to know your soil, your grapes, your aspect and your microclimate. You have to tend your vines, weed and prune. Judging which buds to leave and which to remove so that the best have the opportunity …

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Fast or slow?

Fast or slow?

Two types of drivers cause a headache and danger for the rest of us. There are those who only go fast. Foot on the accelerator, energised by the thrill of speed. A ‘habit’ that needs feeding. Yes, they may have ramped up their reflexes, but their fast reaction isn’t always enough. And the psychological disturbance …

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stop trying so hard

Stop trying so hard

When we’re on the quieter end of the spectrum we sometimes feel we have to make up for it by being more clever. Or more witty, beautiful, wise, calm, creative… choose your word. But when we’re pushing ourselves to try harder and make our mark we’re in danger of disconnecting from who we are. Or …

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