Still enough to join the dance

Crane fly landing on my skirt in dappled light

I was delighting in the graceful dance on the lake below while listening to the chorus in the trees when a crane fly decided to join me. And stayed a while. THE CREATIVE DANCE Every creative actis relational.Nothing is evercreated alone.Words and imagesweave origins fromwhat came before,what lives nowand what is to come.Let’s join the … Read more

Paying attention to the little things

Tiny blue speedwell flowers in the grass

Yesterday afternoon, in the spring sunshine, my walk was deliberate. I wanted to pay attention to the little things. Along the path, I noticed the gorgeous pops of vibrant violet-blue of the tiny speedwell, knowing that within hours, they would fade, having completed this fleeting stage of their lifecycle. But they weren’t waiting for me … Read more

Courage and hope open our lives to fresh light

Fern on the edge of a dark pool

The unfolding of this powerful blessing from John O’Donohue feels like the story of my week. And I suspect it will resonate with you too… So here it is in full. FOR COURAGE When the light around you lessensAnd your thoughts darken untilYour body feels fear turnCold as stone inside, When you find yourself bereftOf … Read more

Being open to a fresh start

Shaft of sunlight catching a freshly opened young shoot of ash

Yesterday a friend posed the question: what would you do if you could start afresh? I wonder how that lands with you… UNFURLING What do you holdwithin yourselfthat you areready to reveal? Summoning courageto shed the fearof unreadiness,impatient to unfurlall you could beinto the spring lightof new beginnings. This isn’t thecertainty of success,it’s the joyof … Read more

Some things only you see just now…

Dark sky with rainbow colours on the horizon below the cloud

It’s unlikely anyone else saw this glorious splash of colour across the valley on Tuesday. I was the only one there on the other hillside after feeding the boys. It was during the day, so it wasn’t the remnant of the solar flare or northern lights. And I still don’t know what it was, but … Read more

Ripples of Hope – a midweek Pause for Peace

Ripples across the water - view from the bank

We’ve been practising a midweek Pause for Peace for eight months. So what’s the story we’re telling ourselves? What difference can it possibly make… In one sense, that’s the wrong question – we’re not doing this because we have the power to make change. Instead, we’re choosing to stand with those who desperately need peace. … Read more

On the warmth of becoming

Close up of mayflowers - hawthorn blossom - in the rain

Wandering around the valley in the spring rain and thinking about beauty, I spied the recently opened mayflowers of the hawthorn. The warmth of the sun over the weekend was all they needed to bloom… THE WARMTH OF BECOMING Gently peeling back the layers until our humanity is revealed and our soul can breathe, only … Read more

Being curious about the particular

Purple vetch flowers with ants climbing up the stalk

Noticing the little things. Underneath it all, we don’t want to be told that we are like everyone else. And just because we have similar tastes or do similar things doesn’t make us the same. Our differences are to be celebrated, not as a signifier of value but of uniqueness—the distinctive contribution we make to … Read more

Wandering in the lesser light

Tip of a daisy against a dark backdrop

I rarely find what I’m looking for in bright light. Everything is too flat, devoid of nuance and texture. Sure, it may be clear, with sharp edges. But it doesn’t breathe or sing to my soul. And this isn’t only about taking photographs… How about you? What are you looking for that really matters to … Read more

On its own time…

View through the trees to the bluebells

I’ve been revisiting the lovely alternatives for the word ‘slow’ that many of you offered a few weeks ago… This valley has its own time. And it shows up in the appearance of seasonal blooms, like the bluebells. Walking through the woods, the air is saturated with their distinctive scent, and you feel like you … Read more