Out of sight

How we see the world is framed by our understanding of how things are. And in turn, that is reinforced by the language we use. Suzanne Simard provided a brilliant demonstration of this in her conversation with Krista Tippett for the On Being podcast this week: Forests are wired for wisdom. In talking about her …

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In these days

The days draw us to this day and asks if we are ready? PROPHET I wonder why you brought meto these splintering days,this age of earth-deathand default extinctionand the smothering of constellations, nostalgia claws at mescreaming send me back, then I sense a fire that doesn’t consume,a cloud of breath-taking holinesspassing across the face of …

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Into the shadows again

Sometimes we need shadows. Not as a place of escape or excuse, but of rest. In gentleness, where the angled light helps us uncover our own depths. Naming things that have profoundly shaped us without our consent. Because here is the place of unhurried compassion and grace. Breathing space for a life being restored.


In the shadow

Shadow play is intricate and beautiful. It invites us into a world of suggestion. And throws into relief details we might miss. However, it isn’t the real thing and can only ever be two-dimensional. Yet sometimes, we settle for the shadow rather than venture into the light. I wonder why?