Being rooted and grounded in love

We live in the illusion of being rootless.

Yes, we can connect with almost anyone, anywhere.

And people we have never met in person can become very dear to us.

However, we do this from who we are and where we are.

For while our sense of home might have grown tired and worn, we carry within us a sense of place because we are temporal beings.

This is us, now, here, today.

And here are the surroundings that shape us – physical and relational.

We are not rootless, nor are we here by accident.

And neither are we alone.

Whatever our journey, it was love that brought us here.


Turn your gaze upon your soul, for it is time.
Look past the shadows, look between the light;
it has been waiting –

waiting for you to step back
from the endless undertakings,
to take your leave from the busyness of existence,
to release (let us say it) the obligations,

to realise that you are here.  

Turn your gaze upon the world, for it is time.
Reach out to it, afraid or otherwise;
it has been waiting –

waiting for you to wake up,
to open your heart entirely to wonder, to beauty,
to the divine (that is, to the abundance
and generosity of reality).

Do not delay; let us bow to the surge of grace
that comes with each breath; let us embrace the gift
that is each singular and heaven-scented moment.

My friend, my good and worthy friend –
it is time.

+ Gideon Heugh, from Rumours of Light, 2021