Being renewed – a midweek Pause for Peace

It is nine months since we started this little ritual.

That is quite a long time in our ‘do it quickly’ world.

Yet, this is barely a fleeting breath in the ache for peace…

Today, let us pause and be renewed in our identification with those who face violence daily.

Wherever they are.


Look here. In this light there may be
(I saw today the cloud-clearing blossom,
the rinse of flowers upon my eyes)–
it could all be new.

It is easy yesterday to be filled with wonder,
and now of course we are all so tired.
But in this light the longing will get to you.
It simply has to.

Do not let your pain become a smear.
Breathe in the sky–drink the pink petal
and the leaf. In this greening of the air
the questions (God how I wish there were answers)
could be leading you somewhere.

+ Gideon Heugh from Naming God, 2023

Thank you, and go gently.


Pause. See differently. Re- story…