Being open to a different take on wholeness

I love the way poetry can ask questions we wouldn’t know how to frame.

And the way words plant seeds that sprout in unexpected places. Blooming in colours we weren’t anticipating.

Yet I guess we need to be open to exploring these different dimensions of wholeness because it doesn’t come to order.

Allison Joseph’s poem ‘Little Epiphanies’ ends with a delightful set of lines that builds on yesterday’s theme:

… The difference between what’s whole

and what’s held, what’s withheld
or revealed, what’s real and what’s

revelation—that’s what I seek,
rest of my life spent in search

of little epiphanies, tiny sparks surging
out of the brain during the clumsiest speech.

+ Allison Joseph, excerpt from Little Epiphanies, published in the Valparaiso Poetry Review