Being carriers of words that matter

“Don’t shoot the messenger…”

We know the phrase and may have used it ourselves.

Yet it takes courage to say something different that may be uncomfortable to hear.

Conversely, we have all seen the elevation to celebrity status of those whose words are empty.

And what about the words we say to ourselves? They shape who we become and may take years to undo.

So, how might we be good carriers of words that matter?


Listening again to Will Johnson’s journey on the Be More Poet podcast, I am reminded that the practice of being immersed in the words we want to define us requires intentionality.

We choose to put ourselves in the place where they feed and nourish us, as well as unsettle and form us.

Therefore, I would love to gift you 40 minutes to eavesdrop on our conversation over the long weekend.

Go well.

Pause. See differently. Re-story…

This week

A few good words

The Irish poet Pádraig Ó Tuama is the voice of Poetry Unbound from the On Being Project. Recently, he followed a thread from earlier in his life and created a mini-series exploring poems as teachers of wisdom about conflict and humanity. Immersive explorations of a single poem in each short episode – they speak deeply about things that matter now. Find them wherever you listen to podcasts or via On Being or Poetry Unbound on Simplecast.