Becoming is in the present tense

Becoming is not a destination. It’s a process.

And it only ever happens in the here and now.

So, if we’re constantly looking back on the circumstances and decisions that brought us to this point, we’ll miss it.

Or if we’re only ever asking, ‘Are we there yet?’ our focus on the destination will mean we can’t see what is in our hands now.

Because only today is the present.

And this is the only fertile ground for becoming, even if we sense something new on the horizon.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

~ No, this isn’t an art photo. It’s a grainy image of two young swallows in the hillside field shelter who realised they didn’t have what it takes to fly away as we fed the alpacas – yet! That was Saturday, and now they’re freewheeling across the sky.