Be more yourself

In this strange time, nothing is quite what it seems, and we don’t always know how to get our bearings.

So how can we become more of our best selves? Or is this a fanciful self-indulgent whim?

I think not. Indeed it is often in these times when much around us is shaken, that we have the opportunity to see what is real.

But rather than approaching this the usual way, I’m offering a manifesto for how not to realise our possibilities and come alive.

How (not) to be more yourself

  1. Eat junk food
    Yes, both literally and figuratively. It’s cheaper and easier that way.
  2. Embrace dislocation
    Set yourself free of anything that might anchor you. You are more important than your place or your people.
  3. Expect perfection
    Right from the start. Anyone who has to practise can’t be any good, can they?
  4. Avoid risk
    Turn down any opportunity that might fail. We don’t want that kind of learning.
  5. Be comfortable
    Did you know that stretching was bad for your health?
  6. Character isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
    Consistency is for losers. Those who turn first, win.
  7. Choose noise
    That way, you get to hear all the latest trends, opinions, gossip, rage and anger. Yum.
  8. Don’t put down roots
    Save the hassle of when you move, again. And again.
  9. Hold tight to your mask.
    You don’t want anyone peeking beneath, do you? It might be murky in there.

While this is a parody, it does remind us that being our best selves and singing our heart’s song is both an inward and an outward journey among friends.