Be More Poet

a way of seeing …
… in a few good words

Poets and the poetic voice cause us to slow down and see the world through different eyes.

They speak to somewhere deeper and broader than our rational brain, which unlocks more of who we are.

And that shapes us.

Because it alters our story about the way things are and why we are here.

Seeding beautiful words
is an act of wild hope
that words make worlds.

Be More Poet is the opportunity to create quiet disruption in an increasingly noisy world that is tired of quick fixes and short-term answers.

How will you use your voice?


I am developing the podcast to explore this way of seeing with wild hope in a few good words. I also hope it inspires fresh voices. Be More Poet can be found here and wherever you listen to podcasts: links for Be More Poet

The fortnightly episodes are a mixture of short reflections from me here in a little valley in South West Wales and occasional longer conversations with poets and others who have a poetic orientation to their work. These are folk who have a way of seeing the world that helps us pause, see differently and change the story about who we are and what is going on around us.

“The work reveals itself as you go.”

+ Rick Rubin, from The Creative Act: A Way of Being, 2023

Whilst the podcast has a poetic posture, it’s not primarily about writing poetry (sorry if you were expecting a poetry workshop – there are some great ones out there, including Ellen Bass’s Living Room Craft Talks). But I can promise that you will breathe more deeply and be inspired.

Pause. See differently. Re-story…

Sue Heatherington
June 2024