Be More Poet

a way of seeing in a few good words 🌿

Poets are makers. They create worlds because they see differently.

We enter their world as we step across their threshold – whether it’s words or songs, images or ideas. And we are changed…

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.”

+ T S Eliot, from Little Giddings, part of Four Quartets

Today, I see people who are hungry for meaning and connection. Who yearn to create good change where they are, not just read about others.

They are willing to face the complexity and unknown, not with data and binary choices, but with wisdom, inspiration and hope. Knowing that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

This is a long game, requiring fresh sight and new words.

So why Be More Poet?

Because this is the time for those who see differently, who perceive more of the whole from the creative edge. And who bring all of themselves into what they do, not as the hero-solution but as gardeners planting seeds or fellow travellers making new paths by walking.

Yet, often, our words are too narrow and constrained. They have hard edges and don’t give room to breathe and see possibilities. Therefore, we are left with the way things are.

Be More Poet is a way of seeing in a few good words.

Yes, it is expressed poetically, but it’s not primarily about writing poetry (sorry if you were expecting a poetry course – there are some great ones out there, including Ellen Bass’s Living Room Craft Talks).

This brings together my work over many years and, more recently, on quiet disruption and the power of words to make worlds.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

We start with a new podcast launching in March. Be More Poet: conversations exploring a way of seeing expressed in a few good words.

Artwork for the Be More Poet podcast with Sue Heatherington headshot and text

My conversation guests are poets and creative folk who have a poetic orientation to their work. They have a way of seeing the world that helps us pause, see differently and change the story about who we are and what is going on around us. And they are passionate about what they do…

“The work reveals itself as you go.”

+ Rick Rubin, from The Creative Act: A Way of Being, 2023

Partner for people making worlds with words

The development of AI is astonishing. Yet it can’t replace the human voice and its connection with the human soul.

So, my direct work with founders, creatives, activists, and others isn’t about clickbait but enabling their inner poet to emerge. Supporting them to pause, see differently and create a new story that captures what they see and want to share.

Together we work on essence, presence and wordcraft as the building blocks of creating change through a few good words.

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February 2024 🌿