Sue Heatherington

wheres the stillness

Where’s the stillness?

It’s Monday morning and where has all the stillness gone? We tend to think of stillness as absence. The absence of noise, of distraction, of rush, of demands. But what if stillness was more than absence… How can we create generous space on a Monday morning?

bread lessons

Bread lessons…

Sourdough bread is simply amazing. Its taste and texture are distinctively different from standard, fast proven loaves. It’s also amazing in that its active ingredients are essentially from wild yeast and bacteria in the atmosphere, working with just flour and water. Almost magic. But it takes time, allowing the natural yeast to infuse the dough …

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psalm 23 eugene peterson

A life well lived

If I may, I’d like to pause and appreciate the life and work of Eugene Peterson, who died yesterday. Poet, writer, pastor and theologian, he probably isn’t a household name. But to millions of Christians around the world his translation of the Scriptures – The Message – has brought their faith alive. He has always been …

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creating more creative space

Creating more creative space

Outside = our environment. Inside = our inner space. Both matter and both require small intentional steps. Cultivating small habits that open up our space to think creatively. Generously and beautifully.