Having a different relationship with time

Close-up to an open blue hydrangea flower, next to closed buds

In continuing to muse on becoming, I realise my tendency to only think about it as going forward. Yet, like the Möbius loop of yesterday’s post, perhaps there is a dynamic circularity. Because our becoming is also about recovering and strengthening our roots. The origins of what makes ‘us’ us… We aren’t running away from … Read more

Seeking a way of becoming

Close up of lacecap hydrangea with flowers at varying stages of opening

You may have noticed I am deeply curious about the nature of becoming. And how we might engage with courage, hope, and grace. As with life, becoming involves intention – lean too far in one direction, and we get stuck. So what if becoming was like an infinite Möbius strip, constantly looping between doing and … Read more

For peace – in a midweek pause

Light through the leaves

Pause. FOR PEACE Peace is not an absence, it’s an awakening – a rising of beauty that overcomes shame, a song that drowns the aggressor’s cry, justice that expresses the humanity of all people, and roots that go deep, deep into Love. This is the peace I kneel for. + Sue Heatherington What are you … Read more

More poetry is needed.

Close up of a rosebay willowherb flower

On a wall in Swansea city centre: More poetry is needed. Huge white letters on a black background reminded us of Swansea’s famous son. Demolished to make way for more shops and glittery entertainment. More poetry is needed… Food for the soul,water for the spirit,aliveness for theimagination. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story… ~ … Read more

On the long arc of becoming…

Close-up of wildflower reaching toward the light

Starting the week… THE LONG ARC Becoming.Leaning forwardinto what is to come.This isn’t a re-hashof the past.It’s a lifetimein the making. + Sue Heatherington In 2006, students from Xavier High School in New York City were asked to write to their favourite author. This is the reply from Kurt Vonnegut, the only one to respond, … Read more

Awe and being more human

Inside petals of a red rose

How has your week been? When I started the week, I thought I’d be exploring awe… The recent conversation between Elizabeth Oldfield and Dacher Keltner, Berkley Professor of Psychology, for The Sacred podcast had reignited my wonder at this capacity for the transcendent we know in moments of awe. So, how did I end up … Read more

Wanting to be more human

Alpacas walking along the path between the trees

… doesn’t mean being an expert. Or having all the edges sanded off and being all things to all people… I want to be more human in terms of yesterday’s poem – Am I ready to be human? Not because we can save the world but because we do have a part to play in … Read more

Are we ready to be human?

Close up of lavender

In celebration of the brave souls who are stepping out of their boxes to become who they are. Because it takes courage to be fully human. AM I READY TO BE HUMAN? Am I ready to be human,  to embrace my multitudesand know that we are one,choosing to be fully presentbelonging to this time and … Read more