Are we ready to be human?

In celebration of the brave souls who are stepping out of their boxes to become who they are.

Because it takes courage to be fully human.


Am I ready to be human,  
to embrace my multitudes
and know that we are one,
choosing to be fully present
belonging to this time and place alone?

Am I ready to enrol
in the school of interdependency,
letting go of my need to control,
to get it right, or push emotions aside
for fear that they will undo me?

Am I ready to be fully alive,
paying attention to strong roots
that nourish and sustain,
and keep me supple
in drought and storm?

Am I ready to live this season,
not deferring its entry or wishing it away,
open to the curiosity of possibilities,
the imagination of life
and the courage of hope?

Am I ready to be human
to play the part that only I can play
with humility, grace and joy,
alongside you as we walk together
in this messy and glorious world?

+ Sue Heatherington

I honour you.

Pause. See differently. Re-story…

~ I chose lavender because it’s in bloom and it is beautiful