And where does the water flow?

Over the summer, I worked with the idea of beautiful questions.

As I developed one of my own, eventually it distilled as ‘I am water, where shall I flow?’

But what kind of question is that?

Yes, it can feel rather esoteric, yet it has become a powerful metaphor for me – a kind of compass.

Living in a place utterly defined by water – from the creation of the valley itself, its erstwhile function as a Victorian reservoir, and now with the evidence of water all around us – I learn from water every day.

Wherever there is a gap, a crevice, a hole, the flow will find it.

Water always leaves its mark, maybe not initially, but eventually.

And sometimes dramatically, like the movement of the ford stones over the last few days.

Water is powerful.

Ultimately everything is shaped by water and its flow because it is vital to life.

I am water, where shall I flow?