And then there are knots

To suggest that weaving the threads of life is easy would be unreal.

We all encounter knots and tangles. And the fact that they exist isn’t a failure. It’s messy life, and knots require our respect.

If we don’t honour them, we might be tempted to rush in and tug hard. Yet often, all that achieves is a tighter knot.

Instead, we may need to tease out the ends carefully and gently unravel them, exercising compassion, courage, and a lot of patience.

Yet there are also knots we simply have to let be. They can’t be removed, and even the most expert repair will leave a mark. Not as an open tear but as part of the fabric of who we are in a messy world.

A world that urgently needs to know that the aim of life isn’t perfection, but a life well lived.