And each is called by name

This is Elis.

Isn’t he magnificent in his post-shearing pose?

Do you notice the distinctive little tufts on his ears? We left them deliberately as they are characteristic of him (and it helps me distinguish between Elis and his brother, Iwan).

He does have an ear tag (TBD27) and a unique microchip, but neither of these is his identity.

Even as an alpaca…

Here’s the thing: home is where we have a name.

Because here, we are known not for the job we do or the role we take but for who we are.

And our name is given to us by others as a signifier of our personhood.

Elis is a Welsh name from the Hebrew, Elijah.

And way back, there was a poet named Elis Cynfrig…

Pause. See differently. Re-story…

This week

Shearing has dominated the week in this little valley in South West Wales. But in between time…

A few good words

Exploring a way of seeing with wild hope in a few good words. This is the premise for Be More Poet, and I’ve just published the 7th episode of the podcast… I know that doesn’t sound like many, but apparently, most people don’t get beyond five.

I haven’t publicised it much, so I’d love you to listen to an episode or two and share it with others if you feel it would bless them…

  1. There is an after… (12 mins)
  2. Hearing whispers that make worlds – with Chris Matthews (39 mins)
  3. Spring – The Great Unfurling (17 mins)
  4. Softly walking on the edge (13 mins)
  5. Lingering with the intention of life (12 mins)
  6. Being grounded in words and place – with Will Johnson (42 mins)
  7. Becoming as a practice of life (13 mins)

You can find all of the episodes, along with notes for each one, on my website, SueHeatherington, or wherever you listen to podcasts.