An Easter Blessing

The wonderful Andy Hunter – DJ, composer and all-round sensitive and creative soul – invited me to write a blessing for the April edition of The Presence Project. I was deeply honoured.

With Easter in mind, but also the challenging year that we have all been through, I wrote this:


May you know that
there is an after.

Where light has pierced
the darkness
with a single shaft,
and night is no more.

There is an after…

Where brokenness is restored,
doubt becomes sight,
and those who are weary
are renewed.

There is an after…

Where beauty rises from ashes
of lives shattered and
torn apart,
and colour returns.

There is an after…

Where stony isolation
gives way to the
gentleness of being named
and known again.

There is an after…

Where hope finds its voice
and we join together
in the anthem
of new life.

May you know,
really know deep inside,
that there is an after –
because love wins.

Andy has worked his magic with the words and made a beautiful and powerful music video.

Do give yourself a couple of minutes to be immersed in the hope that the experience offers.

Bendithion – Welsh Blessings