There are moments in our lives, perhaps at different times and in different ways, when we all ask the question, why am I here?

This question is as practical and as profound as we want it to be.

For me, it’s been a lifelong quest that has taken me to places I never expected to go, because I think boxes are great for transporting and storing—but not living in.

And I love it when people dare to explore who they are and become excited about the change that they want to see happening in the world around them.

Looking back, I’ve always been a change-maker, using words to shift how people see and make sense of themselves and the world around them since I was a teenager. But it wasn’t until I coined the phrase ‘quiet disruptor’ in 2018 that I could see the connection that clearly (not least because I believed I was rubbish at English and my voice was not welcome…).

So it has taken a while to embrace the idea of Be More Poet and appreciate that my words and voice can make a positive difference in the world. And now I can’t wait to share it more widely to inspire, encourage and provoke you to use your words to make change.


For those who want to know, I’m a quiet disruptor with an extraordinarily broad background. From rural development research, and strategic business management through to church and charity leader and over a decade as an NHS chief exec. From 2009, I was a professional coach, visiting lecturer, life-science consultant and creative facilitator. Then life got in the way, including a brush with breast cancer… and now, my work focuses on words and ways of seeing, that I hope will inspire, encourage and provoke.

So, lots of disruption, seeing people and the world differently. And lots of innovation, finding new ways of doing things that make a difference and changing the conversation. Quietly offering sightlines for change, usually from the edge.

I now live and work in a small valley in South West Wales, where I write, create, and work with people from all over the world. Together with my better half, Steve, we run The Waterside, shepherd alpacas and care for my learning-disabled brother.

I told you I don’t fit into boxes.

Sue 🌿

PS You can see a selection of my published works in Words, and my daily poetic pauses, including my photographs from the valley, are in Posts.