A moment happened

This is the lovely phrase an Irish friend used on a call yesterday.

“A moment happened.”

Were we there? Not exactly, but his lyrical storytelling held us in the moment.

And even if we couldn’t smell the vast Californian redwoods or hear the scamper of the deer, we were there. At least in our imagination.

A moment happened.

The other day too. When Steve glanced up from his desk and saw the rainbow right in the middle of the lake.

That moment happened, and he captured it to share, with its echoes of promise and wellbeing.

Only afterwards, as the rest of the day unfolded, we realised how much we needed that moment.

A moment in time that is so easy to miss or disregard if we’re not open to being interrupted.

The ability to look deeply
is the root of creativity.
To see past the ordinary and mundane
and get to what otherwise might be invisible.

+ Rick Rubin, from The Creative Act: A Way of Being, Cannongate, 2023

Thank you, Ciaran.

This week

More paintings with words and light, including three different views from the same place.