A Blessing for the Creative Soul

Today as we more intentionally shift towards The Art of Quiet Disruption, it seems appropriate to revisit a poem I wrote in 2020.

At the end of the first Creative’s Workshop, run by Seth Godin and Akimbo, I wanted to capture the sense of the threshold we were crossing. This is the result, and it’s also found at the end of Quiet Disruptors: Creating Change Without Shouting.


Dear friends and travelling companions, 
may you know 
you are seen and heard,
and your work matters. 
You belong.
And may you delight 
in your inner being, 
as the place where 
your creativity flows. 
Feed it well 
and drink from fresh water.

May you be content to stand at the edge – 
you’ll see more from there.
Cherish your eyes 
and follow the sightline 
of your curiosity and wonder. 
Protect your ears, 
give them time to hear 
what really matters. 
The silence, 
the whispers, 
the roars. 
And the still small voice inside.

May you choose your words and expressions 
with care, because they have power 
far beyond anything you can imagine. 
Honour them 
and offer them generously, 
for they build bridges and 
shape our sense of how things are.
For you are like a diamond 
held up to the light. 
You refract the colours around you 
so that people can see what’s really there. 

May you grasp the vastness 
of the space before you. 
Enjoy your courageous imagination. 
Let it take you to places 
your heart longs to go. 
And don’t be afraid to look 
your anger in the eye, knowing it’s yours, 
not borrowed from elsewhere.
Therefore, seek the peace of stillness, 
where the clamour of other voices are muted, 
and you hear your own voice with clarity.

May you embrace the mystery 
of your presence, 
the essence of who you are 
which cannot be boxed or labelled. 
Here is where your identity resides. 
And may you be satisfied 
as you pick up the mantle 
of your unique role 
in the ongoing creation of the world, 
because only you can do this. 

Go well – for it’s time to cross this threshold. 

Pause. See. Re-story.

This Week

So much about this week has had the sense of thresholds for me and others. Here are the week’s insights and invitations, sent with love.