A Blessing for Overflowing Hope

I suspect that many of us are dancing with hope differently.

What we had thought was hope is no longer adequate for the place we find ourselves in today.

In late 2021 I was invited to write a poem for the Presence Project, a blessing for overflowing hope.

It was published yesterday, and you can see the accompanying film and music on the Presence Project App.


In the stillness of
your darkest place,
where no light is seen
and no birdsong heard –

may you hear the sound where hope comes from.

In the frantic, mindless,
oh-so weary space,
where your days turn
like a never-ending wheel –

may you sense the flow where hope comes from.

When you long to
give gifts of colour and life,
yet all you have are
dry brown dusty leaves –

may you sip gently, it won’t run dry.

Let it touch your emptiness,
wash your layers of grime,
refresh your dormant senses,
calm your anxious mind,
open your beating heart,
and stir your soul to life.

Then, may you know
the overflowing,
never ending,
always loving,
gently giving,
source of beautiful hope
for this grey and crumpled world.

And may you join the flow.